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Things boiling over at Hillsborough tonight

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Guest 123adam789

I thought you were to going mention the gobshite in the club shop last night. Obviously taking something back, not a happy bunny but the cardinal sin, started swearing. Then the hi, viz jacket brigade started to round up, well one of them did but didn't  say anything to this guy who was still  ranting  and raveing. Even the member of staff shouted that he would have  him removed. But nothing from. The heavy security brigade. Pisss pot poor. Too busy looking for 10 year old shoplifters.

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You think that's bad. 

Old Trafford just announced no food or drink available at half time in their game against Wilder lot. 

Who ate all the pies?

75000 going without Prosecco and prawn sandwiches. Whatever next. 

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