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Lineup for tonight - no Luongo

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Yep, decent lineup. Plenty of pace and physicality to see us to a win.


Really do think Luongo is being rested for a potentially much bigger challenge at the weekend. If be played tonight then that'd be three games in just over a week - sounds silly to say, but he's not long removed from the physio table and DM knows how important he is. Give him a night off and he'll be back fresh for the weekend. 


I bloody hope he's not injured anyway 😂

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5 minutes ago, Truth seeker said:

Only Wednesday don’t play a player who’s fit to play because there scared of him getting injured 😂😂😂🤦‍♂️

Would you prefer Carlos style handling of players, of playing them when they’re not fit and causing long term injury…. Like he did with people like Kieron Lee?

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I'd have stuck him on the bench in case we need him. Hopefully we won't but if we end up struggling and drop points he might just have changed the game. There's a big difference between playing 30 minute and 90.

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Its just a shame once again no Waldock even on the bench.


We are playing a 3-5-2 but have two full backs on the bench.  What was it Moore said no more square pegs in round holes.


we have better players who could give us options instead. We will wait 60-70 minutes then bring of NML and Johnson and put on two full backs and invite pressure.


theres also no TJJ on the bench, did it take less than 20 minutes before we realised he isnt any good.

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