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2 minutes ago, Pablo Bonvin said:

That seems quick. I'm no expert on broken toes thought tbf.

i thought the same but i suppose with strappings and injections it could be feasible 

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Broken toes are absolute bar stewards for pain, inability to walk reyt  and repair. Have broken the same big toe twice: once when a girlfriend was tickling my feet and my reaction involved me kicking my left heel with my right big toe. Second time not long back I managed to drop an exercise bike on the same big toe while loading it into the boot of the car…it cracked it like a ‘bird’s foot’. 
The cure is rest and put your feet up…no strapping, no plaster cast, bugger all you can do.

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2 hours ago, casbahowl said:

Had a pre match pint with his father in law …… Hoping to be playing again before the end of February!

Doesn’t sound long in terms of days 

but our fixtures it’s a hell of a lot of football being missed for a key player do you think we knew this when bringing in John-Jules 

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4 hours ago, ANDY said:

Is it the one that went to market. The one who stopped at home. The one who ate all the roast beef or the one that didn’t have any or the one that went wee wee wee wee all the way home ? 

The one who ate ALL the roast beef is surely the big one

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