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MARVELOUS MARVIN - Sheffield Wednesday 1 -0 Ipswich Town - Talking points

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What a run that was, completely deserved getting something from that!


Look at NML getting the pass from Windass, MJ starts a sprint from halfway line to get on the end of that cross... I wonder if NML saw him, if so that cross was absolutely fantastic too!



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44 minutes ago, Sheff Cam said:

Advice please if anyone can help

My computer did this earlier while recording.




it's  working but is the DRIVER POWER STATE FAILURE something to panic about?

Had this once and updated all my drivers that were available. I'd try your display drivers first. Good luck. 

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@Sheff Cam


Thoroughly enjoyed that and although I was only able to watch on iFollow you summed up the performance to a T.


Wish you'd given a shout out to Dele-Bashiru for the work he put in creating Bannan's chance though. Showed real determination to win that ball and create the chance. For me that was his best moment and on any other day would have been an assist for a great goal.

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Enjoying the vid's @Sheff Cam I keep giving them a 👍 to support the channel and I'd urge everyone else to as well.


I voted Kamberi MOM on the OT poll yesterday. I felt he was a little bit rusty in the touch after his time out which is more than understandable, however he put in such a shift pressing and closing down. The same could be said for the likes of Fizz who again didn't have his best game technically but showed a willingness to work hard. Proof, if it were needed that even if you're not quite on your game you can still be a huge influence on the result by putting in a proper shift.


Congrats to Moore as well yesterday, he got it tactically bang on.


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