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Player arriving at Hillsborough time?

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3 minutes ago, mcmigo said:

Between 1 and half one usually.


Bannan one of later ones IIRC.  Hutchinson, Palmer, Wildsmith early ones.




2 minutes ago, Tommy Crawshaw said:

I think they have to be there for about 1 p.m. for a 3 k.o..

BB tends to be one of the early ones so I would say could be anytime from 12.30.

Well there’s your answer. Bannan is early and also late

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I’m not a social media user myself but do know Bannan is a top bloke for fan engagement and it would be worth DMing him on Facebook or whatever they use these days and telling him what your trying to do. There’s a reasonable chance he might let you know when he’ll be there. 

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