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Who - for you - is/was our biggest "waste-of-money" signing ever?

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23 hours ago, owl84 said:

Fair points I can’t remember him playing for us. Seemed very unusual at the time. Any idea what the fall out was about? 


Sorry, but i can’t remember reading about what happened between them. I can only remember that Sedloski claimed how He wasn't even given chance to fight for his place in the team and was made train with "Kids". 

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Gilles de Bilde for me - we spent good money on him - we needed a leader and someone to build the team around - he was so completely the opposite! Remember watching the Man U away game on Sky, watching his body language before the game started and seeing how completely not bothered he was. Still bothers me now 22 years later!!🤣🤣🤣

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27 minutes ago, Owly Owl said:

Donnelly, Scott, O'Donnell. 


Hate to think how much we payed them in wages. 



Scott still lives in Sheffield. His lad plays in the same grassroots side as Chris Sedgwick's lad. 

Both very good players apparently. From what I've heard Sedgwick is a decent bloke; Scott on the other hand......

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