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What kind of player is Harlee Dean?

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38 minutes ago, Nero said:

He is a 6' 3'' centre back with his strength in the air being his biggest attribute.


He is more of a positional middle of the defence centre half than someone who dives in front of the striker.


He is right footed. He isn't bad on the ball but he isn't a ball playing CH type.


He has had a mainly injury free career and played an average of 40 games a season since he was 23. (I know, I know.....)


Most of the games he misses are for suspensions due to his 11 career sending's off and numerous bookings. (only 2 yellows in 14 games this season though).


He has played 100 games in L1 and more recently almost 200 games in the Championship.


Birmingham let in 1.29 goals per game when he is in defence this season.


He isn't a big goalscorer - usually 1 goals per season but he scored 4 last year!


He has been club captain at Birmingham for several years.


He agreed to take a 50% pay cut in wages to help the club at the start of the pandemic saying that if staff in the club weren't getting paid it wouldn't sit well with him.


He doesn't get on with Lee Bowyer!



Actually he sounds perfect!



Good post! Some interesting points. Thank you👍👏

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43 minutes ago, Kew Owl said:

……. which makes you wonder why Birmingham are letting him go 

Reading through the Birmingham fans comments on Twitter and on their forum they’re all delighted to see him go and gutted it’s only a loan.


Having a scan through the thread on their forum about him this is one of the comments from a Birmingham fan:

‘I do think he's a bit of a nobhead, I'm happy he has gone since his relationship with the fans had well and truly died.’

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I got this from a Brum fan I work with earlier today:

"He’s a world beater on his day hence why he was our Captain until Deeney came in. He was Brentford’s Captain when we bought him. But something isn’t right with him at Blues, think he’s fallen out with Bowyer. He’s been bang average for us and he’s one of our highest earners. We have got to bring our wage bill down so he’s earmarked to be got rid of especially with his form - not justifying his wage.

Would be awesome for you in League 1. We have massive underlying problems with our owners, whoever they are! There are people wanting to buy the club but they don’t want to sell. On top of that, they don’t want to invest in us either - just stripping the club of assets and running us in to the ground"

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3 minutes ago, pat blondeau said:

If you’re putting his name into Google at work to check his CV make sure you spell it Harlee Dean and not Harley Dean




Looked online at work once for the menu of a local takeaway. Wanted to pick up some tea on the way home.


Why anyone would want to call a curry house Red Hot Ass anyhow I have no idea.


Never liked working there anyway.

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