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Jordan Storey

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1 minute ago, agentwalker said:

A defender that has a tackling weekness lol. Playing him up front then.


It might seem worrying on first glance, but all it means is that over the past two seasons, he's not made a particularly high number of tackles.


That's not necessarily a bad thing if he's stepping out and intercepting the ball before it even reaches his opponents, though.

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Needed to get something over the line.


Appears he has primarily played on the right of a back 3 so will be interesting to see if he comes in for Palmer. I still hope we are after a left sides CB while ever we are persisting with the current system. 

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PNE fans seem To rate him  , solid by all accounts . Cannot grumble at signing a cb who’s started 15 games in the division above for a solid side like PNE . Sounds like Hayden roberts is on the way too . Could leave us with :




Gibson (probably going back mind )






all as options for the back 3 with Johnson  / Paterson further options should we ever need them . 

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Hopefully, we give the lad a chance to shine. Alternatively, the instant he misplaces a pass, we should boo him, like he’s never been boo’ed before. He will then understand what it’s like playing for a ‘big’ club 😀


Good luck to the lad, welcome to The Wednesday.

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