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Well done Wednesday. Perfect reaction after two poor performances and results, more of the same against Oxford next weekend and we can start to believe again.

Luongo was immense. Hutch and NML also played very well

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Luongo and Windass stay fit, we probably go up. Getting tighter defensively needs to be a priority but with the players we have available at the moment, this will be difficult.

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Have to be consistent now,  I’d only change Windass for Sow next game and really try to get some consistency , I’ve far from written Sow off btw but Windass is simply far far too good for league one 


Windass, Hutchinson and Luongo playing week in week out, and we have a shot at top 6 



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1 minute ago, Owlabroad2001 said:

Brilliant first half. Should be 4 up at least. Now don’t eff it up!!


PS: Luongo is different gravy!



Just now, Owlabroad2001 said:

Outstanding performance. Should have been about 7-2!

That was a quick second half lol 

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