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This is an absolute MUST listen re Darren Moore

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30 minutes ago, prowl said:

At this level all managers have faults, if they didn't they'd be at Premiership level.


A good interview that didn't give soft questions to the manager. It asked pointed questions that the fans would have asked.  I listened to all of it and reached the conclusion that DM is stumbling from crisis to crisis. He's spending his time fighting fires and losing.


I'm not calling for his head yet. We did look like we were getting our act together before the Sunderland game, dreadful since them though. Was it a blip or is this the new us?


The next 2 games will show, I'm not optimistic.

Moore was a PL manager, then a year later he was a championship manager then a year later he was a league 1 manager. I suggest he keeps this impressive downward spiral going but leaves Sheffield Wednesday out of it 


Completely and utterly out of his depth, who most sussed out after the Oxford game a few months back 

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1 minute ago, Joe Sunburn said:

Is it me or does Moore sound in interviews like even he doesn’t believe anymore? 

He knows it’s a free gig


Shows the same attitude as Berahino, Wing, Johnson, Hunt, Dunkley, Paterson and Shodipo


All plodders on an easy gig





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12 hours ago, Suzuki_San said:

Moore is talking complete nonsense when asked about why Wolves recalled Corbeneu.  


He says that all clubs are doing this because of COVID and clubs wanting to get their players back.  


They loaned him out again!  To a team in our league!  


Yep totally agree - Ive not been able to take Moore's interviews serious for a long time now - its all flannel - I cant beleive he is actually this thick 

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9 hours ago, Owlabroad2001 said:

The reason it’s mentioned is literally every manager of the teams we play against say it so it’s become almost common knowledge. The reason they didn’t say it about the other two is Luhakhy was a nobody and Monk is an arrogant ass of a man!

WBA supporters also said he's a nice guy, but he did not last there. I think he made a big effort to meet all the admin , cleaning and part time staff behind the scenes when he was appointed at S6

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41 minutes ago, Inspector Lestrade said:

Proving my point



9 minutes ago, sage owl said:

What is your point exactly yer gret fruitcake ?.


7 minutes ago, Inspector Lestrade said:


That you know nothing... chocolate cake


4 minutes ago, sage owl said:

If you say so


2 minutes ago, Inspector Lestrade said:


I did indeed



Solid debating skills gents 



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21 hours ago, Kevin Pressmans Pen said:

Why do people mention how nice a guy he is a lot, as if that’s a caveat as to why he deserved a bit of time. Nobody said that about Monk or Luhakhy. I can’t really see how he’s any different to them, they all said the same things and produced the same poor results 

Just saying a nice guy out of his depth.

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