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This is an absolute MUST listen re Darren Moore

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3 hours ago, Owlabroad2001 said:

The reason it’s mentioned is literally every manager of the teams we play against say it so it’s become almost common knowledge. The reason they didn’t say it about the other two is Luhakhy was a nobody and Monk is an arrogant ass of a man!

And those managers must be so grateful they're playing against such an ineffective, uninspiring, tactically useless but ever so nice man as they pocket the three points.

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Never any substance or slight detail to what he says. It’s always platitudes and buzz words. 

One manager I always found refreshing was Gary Speed, when he was across the city. He’d always highlight 2-3 faults after a bad game and say ‘So we’ll be doing this, this and this to make sure it doesn’t happen again’.


One thing I’ve noticed with Moore, especially post match, is he’s very dismissive when a direct criticism is put to him. Playing 3 at the back, players out of position etc. ‘It’s what I’m going to do, X player will play more than one position for us.’

Surely he’s seen what Wolves have said, why not just counter it? It’s clear that’s where the issue is for people. Just give your opinion on why you think he was a better option for us at LWB. Don’t just shrug and say ‘Well he isn’t our player’ 

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Reading between the lines Theo wasn’t happy, Wolves weren’t happy, tbf Moore said he wouldn’t put any loan player in the first team from pressure from his loan club, that’s fair enough.


Ive never called for Moore to be sacked, but my concern is we have no identity on the pitch, every game is different, granted injuries haven’t helped, but a fair few games have been dire , you then have to question some players desire on the pitch.


I personally think Darren won’t have the time left to turn it around, we signed 13 free players, there’s a reason they are free, so for me you can not ignore this factor.


Added to this, the culture/ atmosphere off the pitch is something else to add to the melting pot.


Its all very depressing.

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His answer "we work hard , it`s all I`ve ever done"..........now hard work is an admirable trait , but sometimes in jobs it aint enough.


Quite often you need to work SMART ...........no matter how "hard" you work , you still need a manager who is tactically astute , can man manage, can motivate and can get the best out of talented players (cough Theo).


So far I haven`t seen any of these traits in DM , and the comment about "we only look forward" annoyed the f*** out of me , it`s essential to look back on what`s happened in games to assess what went wrong and how we can improve.


I think it`s also pretty clear that he is Chansiri`s yes man , as soon as a difficult question about off field matters is asked he just stumbles and blusters out a word salad a la Boris.


I`ve tried and tried to give DM some slack but , honestly , whenever i hear him speak or so his side play I am filled with pessimism and just a general sense of "meh".


It looks like DC has no intention of sacking him , so my only hope for this season is that we can somehow get injury free and that the team "manages itself" to a certain degree , because almost every manager in our division would love to have the squad that DM has at their disposal.

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It’s all ok, we’ll get back on the training pitch. 


Just not cutting it for me. He may not like media duties, he might despite his career get very nervous, and I get that. But listening to him he sounds like a manager who’s just been interviewed straight off a park pitch after a kids game. You know the ones, them that have their initials on their coat like as if they’re a proper manager.

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I’m sorry but this bloke is clueless. Ties himself in knots on the simplest of questions, which is worrying. It’s a bog standard interview, with bog standard questions, and he just rambles through them.

Hardly a high pressure situation, like say, managing a football club?!?

I cannot honestly believe that the players can be buying into this fella. If he’s anything like that on the training ground/ pitchside, it’s no wonder they look lost out on the pitch.


It’s hard work listening to him. That’s not a dig at his IQ/ personality etc etc it’s just how he is, and for me, he’s never going to make it work. 



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7 minutes ago, malek said:

Basically defends his situation by saying that We are unluckiest team in division.


Maybe we are?


I don't know the ins and outs of every League One club, but I can't imagine too many have played the first half of the season almost entirely without their best attacker, their best midfielder, and the majority (if any of) their first choice defence? No squad is going to fulfil its potential in those circumstances.


With all our players fit, I'm sure we are among the best squads in the division, such is the standout talent of certain players on our books, but shorn of those players, we lack certain qualities needed to tip many games in our favour.

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7 hours ago, maidstoneowl said:

so to not give Darrin chance is like. 


Always chop and change the coach 


ASWFC  got nowhere and always change and chop coach  


relax now 


the Moore is not chicken!!  ?


Stop the chop!


Stay calm and be better









In answer to your comment that we never get anywhere by chopping and changing the coach you seem to be forgetting the fact that the last 2 times we’ve got out of this division we changed the manager half way through the season


Turner out, Sturrock in = promotion


Megson out, Jones in = promotion


Moore stays = no promotion


other than that you may have a point

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I don't have a problem with Moore, other than what he puts out in the pitch. 


I don't see what he sees when it comes to team selection and playing players out of possession. I also don't agree with his football philosophy of possession based pragmatic, slow backwards football. 


As for his interview, don't need to pick holes in it, is what it is. I'm more interested what he does with the players who are still here right now.

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4 hours ago, Owlabroad2001 said:

The reason it’s mentioned is literally every manager of the teams we play against say it so it’s become almost common knowledge. The reason they didn’t say it about the other two is Luhakhy was a nobody and Monk is an arrogant ass of a man!

monk and jos win ratio is much higher than darren moore and that was in a higher division . if only we didnt have a clueless owner then our pain watching this garbage will be over . id sooner attack other teams win or lose at least we have had ago . ipswich are scoring for fun they will sooner be passing us in the table while we compete in the table with club owners what have told us they have only 10% of the wage bill of ours(cheltenham morecambe accrington) yet very soon they will be on same points as us . 

the only way today does not become as serious toxic situation is we attack from the off get a lead and win the game, chances of that almost zero. 

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4 minutes ago, TommyCraig said:

'Do you wish you'd play Theo more now?' 

'No, no. The right time, we played Theo was absolutely spot on.' 


Please can we at least employ an actual football manager because if Carlos was clueless what the hell does that make this guy. 

carlos was the clown this guy cant even be his assistant as he will forget to bring his costume 

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