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Takeover ??

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4 hours ago, rickygoo said:

Highly unlikely and, anyway, anyone looking to buy a mid-table League One club is likely to be a bit tin pot rather than the Sultan of Brunei. Having said that nothing can be much worse than DC and steady, sensible progress would do nicely. 

The only credible person you could see is if someone like Mike Ashley saw us as a decent opportunity to make a bit more more from some nieve middle easterners in 15 years time.


But 1) that's a massive longshore and 2) I dount Ashley has the drive to commit to that length of time again

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1 hour ago, Mick70 said:

Followed mr Ian Allen for quite a while he has got quite a few things correct and some wrong ? Sometimes deals fall through at the last minute? Let’s see and pray he correct? One thing is dc should have the green light to spend again this summer as long as he’s paid all the wages until end of season. Now has he got to a point where hes thinking do I really want to spend any more or sell up? The fans will want expect him to invest after all the dramatics he’s said about not being allowed to in the past? So sell up before he has to make the decision to twist or stick in the summer??

Spend how? The guy is absolutely skint...... We as a club are broke... 

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1 hour ago, @owlstalk said:


Well yes

Of course
That's kind of what happens when you buy things?

Hi mate.... Of course..... What I'm trying to say is..... The state of swfc.. The ground.. Training facilities.. The squad... Jst about everything needs updating... It will cost sombdy a fortune to put right... I'm not sure there's enough daft billionaires left... 

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3 hours ago, Buxtongent said:


What is it that we, the fans, want to see?

A winning team, playing attractive football, ,and a well-run club.


What will this take ?



Were we to change Owners, where would this change?

Any new Owners would still be under the SAME restrictions as the present one!!!!


Don''t forget the restrictions are still there. They apply to the CLUB not the Owner.

I agree. However, I would hope anyone wanting to buy the club, would be better at running it. More to the point how to run a football club.

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38 minutes ago, Alwaysletyoudown said:

Spend how? The guy is absolutely skint...... We as a club are broke... 

One thing we don’t really know do we? If he’s absolutely skint as you say we’d be not paying wages and the efl coming down on us harder than last time ? My gut feeling like yours is he’s come to the end of his spree? Either running out of cash or interest or both? He might spend in the summer me you and everyone else has no idea how much is left in the tank? But a proportion of our fan base will expect him to spend if he still here? Let’s hope he finally uses either his or someone else’s business sense and sells up and cuts his losses …….then hope we get good owner/owners and it’s not out of the frying pan and into the fire 

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Couldn't DC sell a majority percentage? Let the new investor take control, take a back seat himself, and then still reap some rewards if / when we reach the PL. ( as this is the only realistic way any club makes big bucks )

Also, rent the ground back to the other owner, then sell that at a later date?

Everybody gets financially rewarded, subject to us hitting the jackpot league.

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