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Takeover ??

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Just now, mrbluesky said:

Mr. Allen likes to think of himself as ITK on Twitter, I'm not ITK, and this is 100% Barry hollocks, I'm willing to run naked down Fargate if it became true. :ph34r:



remind me to be busy elsewhere if that happens 😀

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Highly unlikely and, anyway, anyone looking to buy a mid-table League One club is likely to be a bit tin pot rather than the Sultan of Brunei. Having said that nothing can be much worse than DC and steady, sensible progress would do nicely. 

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It’s a while since we’ve had one of these threads and let’s be honest some of the posts already have been standard fare for this type of thread.


I like to look at it and comment on it objectively rather than spout the usual stuff so here goes.


Do I think DC is looking to get out?


Yes, I’ve felt this for a while. I think he’s been disenchanted and disengaged ever since the EFL became heavy handed with us? I think he’s always felt that he should be allowed to spend what he wants and has been frustrated with the EFL’s constant intervention and TBH, I do have sympathy for him on this?


The usual posts about DC wanting too much for us are already out in force and yes, he’ll want to recoup as much as he can but regardless of how stubborn he seems to come across as, he’ll be aware getting a decent price in the current climate will be difficult and there is no guarantee that he’ll get a better price in the future? At a guess he’s probably at his most receptive to realistic offers than he’s ever been?


What do I think will happen?


I don’t expect anything significant to happen as with regards a takeover this side of the summer. I think he’ll continue negotiations if he is indeed negotiating with someone seeing with interest if we can still mount a play-off push this season?  If as remains likely we stay down I think he sells? I wonder if the lack of transfer activity tells us anything? But that said the restrictions that we’re under and the general lack of activity we expand usually in January really provides us with no guide TBH?


It’s just a case of wait and see.

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