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The reason we are not signing anyone... Yet

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I couldn’t tell which manager but I would say a good manager would have this squad much higher than 9th in the league at this stage of the season with all the injuries and suspensions and covid disruptions Moore has had to face with this squad 


put short this squad as been mismanaged and is underachieving

moral might be a factor motivating might be a factor formation, tactics, training might be a factor but the point being I believe this squad is good enough to be much higher and to be competing for promotion under somebody else’s guidence 


at what part of the season does chansiri look at league position, performance and progress and think this is good, acceptable, concerning, or underperforming and at what stage does he think a change is required 


personally with a full transfer window ahead I think Moore as passed the point where he’s going to do anything this year 


playoffs is a concern with us 6 points away at this stage 

I’d have thought we should be in reach of the automatics 


the last two performances have been abysmal 


I’d have thought the change Is overdue every gage and week with these players lost us making it harder for a new manager to recover this season 

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