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Tariq Uwakwe

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42 minutes ago, malek said:


Just my opinion, but there is no point to write that in every post I made. Is it ?!


Seen him play for both Chelsea youth sides and Accrington and he did little to impress aside from great game he played against Leeds U-23's in that Pizza Cup. Might be wrong, but I think that he played most of his senior games at left wing back, so perhaps he could be seen as a solution for a position where we are lacking. Again (and in my opinion), not 1 bit better than what We already have available, especially in central midfield.

Fair enough 

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4 hours ago, Tewkesbury said:

It's all well and good having the older heads.

But when they all play in every game they can then the younger ones never find form when they're needed because the older ones can't play a 50 game season. We also concede late on a lot because they're all knackered by 70 minutes.

Need a bit of everything 

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1 hour ago, Royal_D said:

We don’t need to strengthen in his position


Any chance of signing some wing backs Darren that fit into your ‘shape’ ?  Or a centre half 

Too sensible, Moore likes to make it unecessarily complicated.


You know what's going to happen, we'll sign loads of CBs then switch to 4 at the back and try to play them all as full backs 🤣

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8 hours ago, Weshallovercome said:



aah malek, you've spoilt it now, is he really no better than what we have?.........are Chelsea that daft?

To be fair, they paid Izzy Brown’s wages for a good few years.  Similarly, would you have ever guessed FDB had been coached at Man City?

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11 hours ago, theowlsman said:

Why does a club like Chelsea want 20% of a League 1 / Championship sale? With all the money they've got, you'd think helping out a poor League 1 club wouldn't be outside of their level of generosity?

Unfortunately Chelsea loans are run as part of Chelsea PLC & thus are a profit making income stream………… They currently have 44 players, many of who’re unlikely ever to play a first team game, out on loan to other clubs. One of whom has been at the club over 10 years & has been loaned out 7 times!

Chelsea mates tell me this income stream is entirely allocated to the upkeep & improvements of Stamford Bridge.

This is how all the elite PL clubs are run!

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