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What are your memories of Lewis Buxton?

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We’re going to be speaking with Lewis Buxton in a few days for an interview on the podcast. 


What we’re your memories of Lewis? 

Do you have any questions for him?

I forgot how long he was at the club for! 

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1 hour ago, Kopparberg said:

Did you do a previous interview with him or was that someone else ? 



I could be wrong, but I'm fairly certain they have done an interview with someone else

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The thinking man’s Cafu.


excellent player who thrived under the somewhat old school management of Brian laws. 
sadly a player I didn’t see a lot of love as I was on a self imposed exile from the stadium after the lawsuit against grandad and owlstalk was started .

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Took a while to settle in at Wed. .and because of this, many supporters did their usual trick ='He's useless, and always will be'

I always felt that he gave 100% for us and was a very useful player. 'Always one of the first on team sheet for me.


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