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The West Stand was half paid for by the SWFC Fans!

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2 hours ago, alanharper said:

This can't be right, as our ground upgrades have always been wholly funded by FA handouts.


I know this because Sheffield United supporters keep repeating it, which makes it true. 



I can confirm this, and I've also seen the map of the pig farm our ground is built on 

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The North stand was partly funded by a 'debenture' scheme. Here's Eric Taylor's letter to fans explaining that. 


The Kop Roof was partly paid for by donations from supporters also. There was a massive sponsored fun run and other events that raised huge amounts towards the cost. 


We have a lot to thank the supporters of previous eras for in my humble opinion:)



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I wonder if this could ever be a possibility again as a long term initiative, I wonder if enough fans would buy into it. I reckon the club would refuse the idea as i half expect them to have secret plans to one day build a new stadium on the back burner

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