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That man Vardy and what could have been..

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14 hours ago, bladeshater said:

Anybody who's knows the lad knows why he was released


I don't think he had a very good attitude when he was a teenager.

He wouldn't be the first to be a late developer and needed a couple of knock backs before he sorted himself out.

It did take him 6 or 7 seasons at least after we released him for him to be a decent player.

Hard not to like Jamie Vardy and his back story of playing non league to an England International and one of the best forwards of the Premiership era.

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I don’t think he’d be the player he is today if he’d stayed. Though it’s rumoured he was released for non footballing reasons we are a mess from top to bottom. 

Bad ownership (Mandaric aside) poor academy (still stands) and endless poor appointed managers. 

The best thing he did was move on. Until we have an owner who knows what the f**k he/she is doing we will continue to wallow in the mire both on and off the pitch. 

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10 minutes ago, Five Archers said:

Yet another example of Darren Moore’s incompetence, Reg was the best driver at the bus depot and Moore tried to turn him into a conductor 

one for the kids there lol

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