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MLB - 2022

Neal M

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New year. New thread.


How long will the lock out last?


In other news - the Yankees have appointed a female as manager of their low-A affiliate in Tampa… and gammons are exploding from sea to shining sea. Fucknuts. 

The owls are not what they seem.

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I'm headed over in May so they'd better get this lockout shizzle sorted. I'm not sure I can stand the banality of MLB.com during a lockout for much longer. 


I now have to contort my views about Rachel Balkovec - I applaud a female manager but it's the ƒückin Yank@@s and I hate them so i've decided they've made this decision purely on the grounds that I would hate them doing a good thing. So I hate them even more. Citi Field only from now on. 

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