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Where would we be now with Gary as our manager?

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At the time I didn't want Rowett, feared he'd be similar to Monk and preferred us to get Moore but in hindsight, Rowett would've been a smarter choice. However, I believe the one we should've got was Ryan Lowe, I think he's got something about him and he's already got a couple of promotions under his belt and looks a decent manager. 

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12 hours ago, Jim said:

I opened this thread expecting to see the name Megson.  If we had stuck with Megson, we’d have probably had a spell back in the premier league by now.

Ha ha ha ha !!!  He couldn’t even get us out of League 1. Ridiculous comment!

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6 hours ago, musingowl said:

Rowett was by far the better candidate.


No doubt performances would have dropped off once players stopped being payed, though not to the extent they did under the other Gary, I.e. doubt we would have been conceding 5 every other week.


I also can't imagine Rowett, or anyone, building a worse squad than what was assembled last season.


Might still be a championship club, just, though doubt highly it would have been all rosey 

Think this sums it up. We’d probably still be in the championship and if we’d have come through the shower we endured brought on by the owner. 

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