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When was the last forward a manager?

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A general discussion.


Kevin Keegan at Newcastle? Ryan Lowe at PNE?


Most managers seem to me to be defenders with a don't lose mindset.


Yes the set up at S5 stinks but when was the last time we had an attacking minded boss?

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Mancini did ok.


But yes - many managers are former defenders. Our last manager who played as a forward was King Sturrock.


BTW. We play in S6.  Not S5.

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The owls are not what they seem.

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17 minutes ago, Gob_Bluth said:

The most successful manger to manage in England was a striker.


Alex Ferguson



Brian Clough was also a forward, his record as manager overshadows his goalscoring record at Middlesborough and Sunderland which  is outstanding.

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Mark Hughes was ok.


Surprised Lineker never went into management, but he's probably done better; financially and less stress in his media career.

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