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Glitch or extreme fluctuation?

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Can somebody confirm I'm not losing my marbles here?


Found a holiday on TUI last night and as I was going through the confirmation pages Pouch (a Google extension that automatically applies coupons at checkout) popped up and did its thing. I wasn't paying much attention but I'm sure it massively decreased the price. Thought nothing of it and told the missus about this new unbelievable price, who then told me we couldn't book it until she confirmed with work. I've come back to it this morning and the exact same holiday is now £300+ dearer 😪 


Now I know holidays fluctuate, but has anybody ever heard of one fluctuating this much within 12 hours or did Pouch miraculously reduce the price per person on the holiday and cause a glitch? Some wizardry has gone on and the tight Yorkshireman that I am is not happy about it!  


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On 12/01/2022 at 10:20, modboy said:

clear your cookies etc 

use an incognito browser

try a different device


in that order.

Every "hit" will affect its price.



This... they know you keep coming back - so they keep putting up the price.


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I'm glad I jumped at the bargain I saw, 


Gibraltar for 2 weeks, £450 per week, serviced apartments.


Cheaper than anywhere else in Gibraltar with a discount code on their website.



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