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11 hours ago, Justbeanz said:

How does the guy buried underground in a steel container get a mobile signal ? FFs l struggle for a signal in the back garden !!

Everywhere in the outback they get a signal - it’s amazing 

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1 hour ago, Roy Of The Roasters said:

Interesting that they cast an Icelandic actor as an American character.


Could they not find a suitable American?


Also found that  a bit odd, although I've seen him in a couple of other things where he's played an English-speaking character.

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20 hours ago, kopman9 said:

Start was ripped off from The Duel and the ending was sh*t


Was unsure about the ending.


Has he died? Will he survive into the next series and marry the Aussie lass and move to Adelaide?. All seemed to fizzle out

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