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Players Who Burnt Bright But Faded Fast

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I think Scott Carson and Fraser Forster never reached the heights they were supposed to.


Carson was obviously broken by his experience with England and never recovered. He coulda/shoulda gone on to be one of England's top keepers.


Forster was touted that way - maybe too much media spin - although he's never looked decent in the premier. I heard he was offered a pro-rugby deal and I always though he should've gone that way. For a 6'7 mountain of a bloke, he's never looked like a top keeper. Maybe there's talent in their somewhere but the hype early in his career was just too much for him to handle.

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On 08/01/2022 at 13:06, alanharper said:

Jack Butland 


I'd forgotten all about him and had no idea who he even played for these days, until his howler just now playing for Palace in the cup. 

Sorry yes I agree , posted same just now !

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Some horrendous answers on here…not sure some people understand the concept of fading “fast”


Owen, Fowler, Cole just 3 who had hundreds of games at the highest levels 

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15 hours ago, Arthur Bach said:

Reece Oxford.


There's been a few from West Ham - Oxford does play for Augsburg now though which isn't a bad standard.


Dean Ashton - worked his way up from Crewe up to West Ham and then the England team. Looked a decent, old fashioned type centre forward, then broke his ankle at England training and retired at 26.


Jack Collison - worked his was up to the West Ham 1st team, played over 100 games for them and capped by Wales. Dislocated his kneecap and retired in his mid-20s.

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