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The 92 Club

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Just to move away from the doom and gloom for a minute, and to get away from helping the Mrs take down the Christmas tree, thought I'd throw this out there for a bit of tedious bank holiday fun.


How many ground of the current 92 have you ticked off?


What's your favourite (other than Hillsborough), what's your worst (other than Hillsborough).


Yesterday was my 58th (including 2 old grounds Brentford and Morecambe).


Favourite- Fulham and Forest (purely for the day out and chance of a good drink beforehand)


Worst- Coventry, the cardinal soulless bowl.


Special mention to new Tottenham Hotspur stadium which is on another level, though as none of us are likely to see Wednesday there until it's the old Tottenham stadium, I'll omit it from my favourites.

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I have been to 76 out of current 92.

Probably done close to 100 watching Wednesday, sure some have done comfortably more on here.


Think my favourite is QPR.

My least favourite is probably Stoke, such a soulless place.


I have heard good things about new Tottenham Stadium but looks too corporate for me to make an effort to go.


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1 minute ago, Inspector Lestrade said:

High 80's but many of these are the old ground and the new ground and I believe to qualify for the 92 club it has to be just the new grounds but for me if you spent the money and time then you should be able to count any ground you have made the effort to watch your club.

For the purpose of this thread, and my own number, old grounds definitely DO count!

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Just now, vulva said:

Around 75 ish. Done many that are now closed. 

Favorites are Goodison, the old White Hart Lane and Highbury. 

Many poor ones. Plough Lane, Milmoor, Doncasters old place. Dump. 


Give me Belle View over the Keepmoat any day!

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Just now, parkfieldowl14 said:

Done over 80 grounds past and present

Favourite Away Grounds : Villa Park, Maine Road, Upton Park. Sadly both Maine Road and Upton Park are no more.

Worst Away Grounds : Abbey Stadium, Millmoor and Saltergate.


Saltergate was grim.


Remember the urinals being a stone wall growing moss.

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3 minutes ago, torryowl said:

70 of the current 92 clubs ...favourite would be highbury(arsenal)... worst  the county ground Northampton ......though if Halifax were still in the league there 1970s stadium would be the worst  

I remember standing on a shingle slope there in the 70s.

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Around 20, loved Nottingham forest (and notts county but they aren't in the 92) Wolves, Birmingham, Ipswich. Leeds also had a great atmosphere, well it did when Nuhiu won it in added time. Reading was a poor one, early December, shocking atmosphere.


Cambridge the other month was a little gem, actual terraces, that little path in the pitch black darkness to the coach after the game 😂😂

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88 of the current 92


New Brentford, and Wimbledon to do as well as Barrow and Sutton who came up last year


Done about 140 if you include those that have gone out of the league and old grounds


I reckon I have seen us play Brighton at 5 different grounds.....can't think of anyone who I've seen us play at more


New Tottenham a couple of years ago completed the then current 92 for me and is pretty decent but all grounds have something going for them......stone wall bogs at Dagenham with a small round wooden table in the corner complete with vase and flower was pretty special.....almost made up for watching Mark Reynolds hit a ball that was meant to go down the line go at 90 degrees to where he intended

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44 for me, over the years I've lost 12 with teams moving to new stadiums and these are the ones I've not been back to yet




West Ham



Leicester City


Coventry City


Oxford United

AFC Wimbledon

Port Vale


Not sure about favourite but best game I've enjoyed in ages was Accrington Stanley away. Standing on the terrace, p*ss wet through and a win although tried our best to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory


On the flip side I remember going to Plough Lane losing 2-0 and we were lucky to get nil, Standing on the terrace, p*ss wet through funny how a result makes things seem better :biggrin:

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