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Dazed and confused.

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8 minutes ago, brianjoiceyschads said:

I am a viewer not a poster but feel compelled to throw in my opinion at this time.

We enter 2022 as a rudderless, leadweshipless, ownershipless club on a downward curve.


Our management is inept. Bereft of ideas or motivational abilities.


Our first team squad is largely talentless,lacking in motivation, and happy to accept renumeration for little or no effort or level of performance.


Our fanbase is declining, divided thanks to the appaling treatment meted out by the owner.


We will continuue on a downward curve until there is a change of ownership. Nothing can possibly improve whilst the current owner is involved.


Next season in League 1 will be an experience of nightmareish proportions.


Our management and playimg staff will make this seasons look Guardiola and City like.


Sorry to be the harbinger of doom but we are a small boat caught in the perfect storm and the landbased community of supporters can only watch  powerless as our existance is genuinely at risk.



You could have pointed all this out before I had paid for next seasons ticket!

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I’ve never felt more negative about being a wednesdayite than now.  Okay we are “just outside the playoffs” but so what, the current team is not getting into the playoffs. Being 9th in league 1, once Pompey win one of their games in hand, is nothing to be pleased about. The footballing performances i pay to watch for 90 minutes are as bad as I can remember seeing and yes I was there when Tony crane was a Sheffield Wednesday player. Do we really think today’s team would beat that side? They can’t beat Morecambe, Cheltenham or Gillingham.   At least in those days we had the hope of some investment. Chansiri is clearly going nowhere and leaving Moore in charge will be added to his list of bad mistakes.


Happy New Year everyone 



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