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The Hole In The Road

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11 minutes ago, Inspector Lestrade said:


Not my cup of tea but accept it would be popular, the difference is that HITR wasn't tarted up.


And surely if it was decent it should have stood on its own two feet and stood the test of time.  






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Remember my old music teacher coming out of a toilet cubicle, shortly followed by another gentleman, I didn't say anything until I left school, as he was a bit of a shouter in class, so I dare not share what I'd seen, as I genuinely thought he would bum rape me if I said anything😯


It was unique, but needing filling in, you always avoided it, I'm sure some modern developer could have done something with it, but would have been very limited.

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13 minutes ago, panda800 said:

Hands up who got chased  by the skinheads  after a concert  at the city  hall  in tbe 80s  in that area


Think that’s everyone isn’t it 





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Owlstalk Shop




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