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Shrewsbury Town - Wednesday - OMDT

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5 minutes ago, GermanBird said:

It's so boring that you haven't got any other solutions than "manager out". That has been your solution for the last 20 years and you see where we are.


Would be nice, if you  would offer some other solutions now and then

That's because its a results game, and that's the manager's job. Get results keep you job.uto

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Adeniran has been looking livid and barely able to control his frustration.  I'm worried that he's going to get sent off

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No urgency, no tempo, no working off the ball, no tracking back, no tackling, no wanting the ball, no winning 2nd balls, no running into space. 


Not interested.


Stealing a wage currently.


Still time to get out of 2nd gear though.

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3 minutes ago, Johnny Concrete said:

Keep the faith. We are only a goal behind. Under Moore we are showing, a steady and progressive style of football. Really wouldn't be surprised if we finished top 2 at the end of season.

Nurse! Nurse! Johnny’s out of bed again!

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7 minutes ago, Philb125 said:

How dare you!! 

Our glorious captain is one of the best (paid) players in this league. He’s single handedly carried us to the mid table of league one. 

He, at the base of our midfield ensures that we dominate the centre of the pitch and gives us both a solid defensive platform and the foundation to attack. 

Without him, we’d be so much worse. I mean look at Accrington Stanly. They have a first team that collectively earn 50% as much as one Barry Bannan and they are 3pts worse off than us. They’d kill to be ruined financially paying players like Bannan to have that extra three points.

Forgive me…you’re right

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