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Shrewsbury Town - Wednesday - OMDT

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2 minutes ago, @owlstalk said:



I blame Trevor Francis


I blame Big Ron for leaving us! 

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I don’t know what else people are expecting.


I totally agree with all the posters on here that say we can’t possibly expect to compete with Shrewsbury after the last few years we’ve had.


we might have a £20m age bill compared to the £2m wage bill they’ve got but still - give Moore time!


Wages don’t guarantee success. True we could’ve signed any League One player we wanted but Moore was just unlucky and chose the wrong ones.


Give him time!

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Here’s a thing


Baz is absolutely crap. Hasn’t found a pass. Loses his man running through from midfield, woeful at set pieces and can’t defend.


I love his attitude but his product is awful…soz Baz fans (I’m not one)

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