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Wing Gone


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Seems to be a lot of Rotherham watchers posting on here or is it just secondary information ?

At the end of the day Rotherham got relegated, so he was hardly a magician for them was he 

I can only judge what I see and he has been bang average and that’s being kind 

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13 minutes ago, SallyCinnamon said:

I don’t think he suits the system. Think he should be playing further forward but seems to pick the ball up deep when he plays. 

I don’t really get the hate for the lad. It’s just not worked out, clearly tell he’s got something about him and last season he performed well in the league above this.


He’s not the only new signing who hasn’t lived up to expectations. 



Thank God for a bit of context regarding him.


Does no one ask themselves the question WHY he hasn’t fulfilled his potential?

Pep is renowned for making good players exceptional.


Maybe Moore will be remembered for making decent players (who proved it at other clubs) look decidedly poor.


As for not fitting the ‘system’.  Lee Johnson looked at our ‘system’, studied it intently for about 20 seconds & promptly ripped it to shreds.


I can’t help but think Darren Moore’s system is to pick a ‘system’, realise its’s a bag of sh*t, but stick to it regardless, stand back and let the players who seem as mystified with the ‘system’ as we do, take the stick for being shoehorned into a ‘system’ that none of them understand or can play.



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4 minutes ago, Mike Hunt said:

I bet you watched him every week didn’t you ?


Its irrelevant as to whether or not he was a quality player last season 


Your argument is flawed beyond belief 


Im embarrassed on your behalf for your contributions to this thread 





Owlstalk Shop




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If he goes back it's a shame as we all thought we had got a quality signing. Personally I think if he'd bagged a coupe of goals things would be different, but his confidence looks shot which the 1 on 1 at Cambridge showed. I'm sure the Lewis Wing of last season would have scored that.

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16 minutes ago, WalthamOwl said:

You just know he will start playing well for Boro. 

Sounds like they only want to recall out of desperation because EFL say they have to in order to appease their Sky paymasters by playing the game tomorrow. 


If he was recalled, expect him to be at Rotherham before the end of the transfer window. And yes, would probably expect him to play well for a very good manager in a team looking nailed on for promotion.

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