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Serious Accident A1M

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5 minutes ago, S36 OWL said:

Ignore last post, just realised its the A1m closed. 


Jn42 on M1, M62 eastbound to

Eggborough, cut up to Selby, take A19 to York, then back onto A1 North. 

Might be possible to follow the A19 all the way up to Sunderland. However that's a right slog.

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20 minutes ago, S36 OWL said:

Anyone not reached that area yet may be best coming off M1 at Jn42, and going eastbound on M62 and join the A1 North that way. 

No looks like you’ll still get caught up in it that way. 

*read to end of thread before posting. 

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Rotherham Owls bus is stuck in traffic, there's a few on their that's not missed games for a very long time not counting those that were played behind closed doors. 

My brother hasn't missed a game for about 20 years when we lost 4-0 at Man City in Keegan days. 

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