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Sunderland tickets required

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I know it’s a long shot as obtaining Wednesday away tickets is like seeing rocking horse poo but has anyone got any tickets available? 

Im on Northumberland on holiday at the moment so if anyone is going to the game but has mates/family that can’t go and has spare tickets with them, I can meet outside the ground and pay for the tickets ?


I will take any number as there is a few of us on holiday. 


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1 hour ago, Supersiggi2 said:

Ticket office have just rang me (I was on the waiting list). 

Might be worth giving them a bell? They'll send them up on the coaches so you can collect at the ground.

Cheers pal. Yes, I’ve rung the ticket office and pleaded with them. Hopefully, get a call this aft. Enjoy the game! Cheers

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