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for anyone who's not seen that last goal - free header from six yards out from the sole striker in the box with not one of the five defenders within 5 yards of him.


If that doesn't convince our ex-centre half manager to sort it out in the transfer market, we are in trouble.

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Just now, Philb125 said:

Upsettingly I think most of our squad could do a job in the championship, as individuals many of them are quite good. They’re just not a very good collective or team. 

We get a terrible return on investment when you consider salary cost vs points return. I’ve said for a few years now I’d almost rather worse players but a better team. But then you get shot down about knowing nothing about football and how can worse players deliver better results 

I agree and that's why I expected so much more from this side,were in league 1 ffs..we should be top 6 easy imo with the players acquired..  it's the manager,not up to it....

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Guest 1banana2banana
2 minutes ago, @owlstalk said:





Leave it out with the personal comments about the manager

By all means discuss his skills as a manager but the personal stuff is just horrific and totally unnecessary

Pack it in with the personal comments

What personal comments have people been making ? Genuine question as I must have missed them. Is it about the erm thing when he’s talking ? 

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