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1 minute ago, Animis said:

hope we can bonce back from this - important that Moore gets a response in the coming matches. 

Don’t worry, there’ll be a clear the air meeting in the changing room where lots of home truths were aired and nothing was off limits. Harsh words were spoken. Bit like the one the England cricket team had after the second test  defeat.

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Wednesday played some good football in patches, but let’s be honest beaten by a better team at home who will probably win the league or get automatic promotion. They have battered us like we should have done with some of the lower weaker teams in this division.

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1 minute ago, Dooogs said:

That's an interesting point - how many of our squad will ever see Championship (or higher) football again?

Upsettingly I think most of our squad could do a job in the championship, as individuals many of them are quite good. They’re just not a very good collective or team. 

We get a terrible return on investment when you consider salary cost vs points return. I’ve said for a few years now I’d almost rather worse players but a better team. But then you get shot down about knowing nothing about football and how can worse players deliver better results 

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