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For those into this sort of thing, and perhaps a useful tool for the visually impaired who can't always gain news from print media and rely on auditory news from the club, check out the Chaps, Punk and Cam, as they look ahead to Sunderland, and some possible transfer news.






And for those of you making the long trip up to the Northeast you might in enjoy this to wile away an hour, as the Punk and Dex review Wednesdays season at the mid-season point and rate how Darren Moores summer signings have faired so far.



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1 hour ago, Neal M said:

Where the fizz have you been?


We were quite worried.  For a while. Then Tas came back to distract us.




What an apt time for Tas to reappear. The ghost of Christmas past. 

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Welcome back Milord. You had us all concerned. Hope all is well with you.


I know it’s been said that “it’s the draws that kills us,” but I’d be happy with that tonight. Let’s at least see off this absolutely wretched year by keeping that unbeaten run going.

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