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Wednesday's Windass Wants Wonderful Winter Waiting

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The problem in this country is the unpredictability of the climate. Anyone care to guess when we’re likely to have a couple of weeks of really bad weather ? In any case, the Premiership circus would only fill it with a tour of Asia, or Australia whilst the EFL would invent some plastic competition.

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The football season is ten months long, typically starting in August and ending in May.


Why not start the season off in Feb and ending in December?


Means we miss the most nasty winter months, have loads of games in mid summer where more people are inclined to come out and watch and spend money.

Imagine how nice it would be leaving a 7.45 game at Hillsborough still in your t-shirt to enjoy a beer in a balmy beer garden afterwards.

Pitches will be in better condition. 

World Cups can take place mid winter.


And when there's no word cup, we get a big winter break where fans aren't frozen to death or spreading germs on each other and players can be protected from injury.


Also means it fits nicely into one calendar year.

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26 minutes ago, Tony Pulis said:

I understand why you might want a winter break, but it would make the rest of the season even more congested, and Boxing day football is an iconic part of the English game.

Well given the amount of postponements, we are going to have a fixture congestion anyway.

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1 minute ago, @owlstalk said:


He was celebrating games being called off on Boxing Day when it got announced and then deleted his tweets

If all these fixtures were getting cold off due to extreme weather and it were happening every single year then he might have a point.


Call me an old cynic but I have a feeling Josh just fancies having Christmas off.  

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I'm not sure I'm for a winter break, but do think it should be scheduled better. 


An extra week at the beginning and end of the season, would make a difference, as would scrapping the stupid international breaks. 


If games were predominantly every Saturday, would have more flexibility to cope with unforseen postponements with the odd midweek game.



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Easy to understand players wanting a Christmas break but does sit solve the problem of fixture congestion. You could have a Winter break at Christmas only to have January or February games postponed due to snow.

British Winter is at the very least December- February, about a third of a season. How do you time a Winter break without the potential for even more chaos.

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