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6 minutes ago, Spondon Owl said:

My favourite player for Wednesday of all time. Might be a statement fuelled by alcohol but he was odd, he was gangly, he got dogs abuse by our fans at times but he gave everything, was really effective at changing game dynamics and was a great guy to boot who seemed to love the club and be proud to be playing for us. 

Wouldn't say he was my favourite player of all time but is certainly up there.

Honest, hard working and genuine footballer, who loved playing for our club.

I for one would love for him to return in the future and take a much deserved bow.

Given our current situation, wish he was still here.

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Great read that. It was time for him to leave, but I’ll always remember him fondly. A great servant, a great character and always showed that he cared for our club, which can’t always be said about a lot of players, past and present.


scored some important goals, (the last min one v Fulham was my favourite) and was a handful for lost teams. It says a lot when every manager who took charge always played him. 

i would love for him to come back and say his goodbyes probably. He deserves it imo. 

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