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Favourite Rocky film


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The last few nights, i've been feeling a bit down as my wife has moved over to doing nights just before Christmas and once the kids are in bed then that's it. 


So I fire sky up, see what's on and last few nights a Rocky has been on.   Tonight it's Creed getting mullered by Drago, yesterday it was Mr T.


I still think the first one is my favourite, what is yours?



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9 minutes ago, Big Rons Hairspray said:

Rocky & Rocky Balboa are probably the best actual films but really it’s all about the montages.


The top 2 for premier montages would have to be 4 then 3.


In fact I’m doing press up’s just thinking about it!

Got to love a good montage.


Armstrong and miller did a sketch once about two cinematographers inventing the montage shown as a montage. Work of genius

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what a series,


rocky 4

rocky 2

rocky 3

rocky 1 

rocky 5

rocky 6


my partner was introduced to rock in last few years, she really loved Apollo, and after rocky 3 she goes to me "Im really happy that rocky and Apollo are friends now, because I like Apollo"


I just felt so sad for her, thinking "you're not going to like rocky 4 love"


even rocky 5 is great even  just for this bit 



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