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Christmas Day on Owlstalk - Please Read

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13 minutes ago, Pablo Bonvin said:

I’m only coming on here if there’s an Owlstalk Mrs Browns Boys special.

We are doing a special watch along thread. 


*We arnt, I made that up for comedy effect.


I'll be about if anyone wants a chat via pm though. 😉👍

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47 minutes ago, Howards back said:

It will be good for people who are lonely on Christmas Day to come on here and talk to friends. 


Damn straight, but equally those people may just want to kick back and not have it known they are feeling it.


I know when I'm feeling down, I just want a chat, a bit of human contact, I don't absolutely want others to know I'm having a bad day, so for that reason can we just say that everyone online on Christmas day is here to help others - nothing more.



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I can't tell you how welcome these posts are.


I love to hear about posters and real life. Sometimes when we're swiping and projecting, it can be tricky getting a feel for the love.


Important to remember, we don't know what's happening beyond the screen. Our words hold weight.


I'll be choosing mine wisely in 2022.


I lived at Sheffield Emmaus once upon a time. It's stayed with me - there's people in the world with no one. 


See you Christmas Day, for a bit.

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