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The Beatles


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They have so many that it changes for me regularly. 


Currently 'Rain' and 'Goodnight'. 


The latter which is last song on the white album. Ringo sings it. 


I chose these 2 as i haven't heard them nearly as much as the rest of their back catalogue. 

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The Mambo infused, Reggae version of "Twist and Shout" by Chaka Demus & Pliers.




They took a raucous pop anthem and made it into joyous, fizzy Caribbean fun. Probably not what Lennon was imagining when he wrote it.


I love the Beatles and have all their records.



The most respected record label in Jazz is Blue Note. They have an awesome back catalogue and they also love the Beatles.


Blue Note Plays the Beatles. 




165 € for the CD on Amazon - I saw a used copy for 6.00 € recently. 


I love Blue Note Records.


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9 hours ago, Django said:

My two favourites were both written by George Harrison, While my guitar gently weeps and Here comes the son 




A bit O.T. but there's a good case for saying that the best solo work by any of the former Beatles was George Harrison's All Things Must Pass. All that pent up creativity, finally given an outlet.

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Probably "Help!". It's just a perfect pop song. Honourable mentions to Back in the USSR, I Feel Fine, Happiness Is A Warm Gun, Helter Skelter, Hey Bulldog, and the entire medley on Abbey Road.


One huge song that I just can't stand though is Love Me Do, not sure why but I've always hated it. Not keen on Strawberry FIelds either. I've got a Beatles playlist on my Ipod (yes I still use an Ipod Classic!) which is almost 2 hours long (which may not sound much but most of the songs are only around 2 minutes), but Love Me Do and Strawberry Fields don't get near it.

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Just mentioned this to my sister who saw The Beatles at Doncaster Gaumont in 1963,at that time Helen Shapiro.was top of the bill with the Beatles just starting their career. Dearest tickets were 8/6 (eight shillings and sixpence or 42 and half new pence) with the cheapest being 4/6.( twenty two and half new pence). Think I've done the money conversions right.


Screenshot_2021-12-22-14-39-44-029 (246x500).jpg

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On 21/12/2021 at 15:08, 1867owl said:

A day in the life


Golden Slumbers/Carry that weight


You never give me your money


Hey Jude




I am the walrus



Album wise - Abbey Road is my favourite by a distance. Absolute genius from start to finish.

Played Abbey Road earlier and it is outstanding,then I played Revolver and thought exactly the same. Superb music from superb musicians.

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