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Bailey Peacock-Farrell on way back to Burnley.

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Can't read it but it would be a little annoying if he goes back now just as he is beginning to show some consistency


I am a bit surprised by this as thought we paid a large loan fee which you would usually think would mean it's a season long loan


If they're on about recalling him then we probably didn't pay a large fee, more a developmental loan 

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I don’t see him going back in January. If the deal was only for the first half of the season, it wouldn’t have been done IMO? A season long loan benefits both clubs plus more importantly the player.

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It's a slow news day with no actual football. 


My understanding was that it's a full season loan with a January release clause (as many loans do).


The player is doing well, playing regularly, isn't going to get in Burnley's team, so why would they recall him? It's a story based on a question asked to and  answered by Moore in the context of  typical conversations with parent clubs during loans, when assessing progress. 

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1 hour ago, Drewswfc said:

You can say the same of BPF 

BPF is the better of the two by a good margin.


I can see our promotion push evaporating before our eyes if we have to rely on Wildsmith. We've all wanted him to do well but it's just not happened.


I wonder if Westwood would come back until the end of the season for a smaller wage.

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