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2 hours ago, StudentOwl said:

The vaccines were developed using a region of the spike protein that is highly conserved and resistant to mutation. This region is conserved in Omicron.


South Africa has officially recorded c. 3.2 million cases in a population of c. 59 million - ~5.5% of the population. The UK has officially recorded c.11 million cases in a population of c. 67 million - ~16% of the population.


The narrative you have shared that implies SA has greater levels of 'natural immunity' is false. The implication that the vaccine targets the spike protein and the changes observed in the spike protein will render the vaccine dramatically less efficable is only half the story, though they will be less efficable.

HP sauce?


Possible, but less likely than not.

Sorry for the delay in replying, it took a while to find my references.




That covers most of it.




22.5% protection


From South Africa.....Africa Health Research Institute in Durban




I didn't refer to this but it looks at the best and worst case scenarios from omicron in the UK. You might find it interesting





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17 hours ago, TodwickOwl said:

42 players tested positive in the Premier League - a record for a single week.


Dont know if we hear cases for the rest of the leagues - but it’s likely similar figures, can we expect a break from football very soon?

Fixtures are coming thick and fast and cases rising exponentially - will they implement other measures ie reduced capacities, no fans? 

Can only see this getting worse before it gets better now until March/April 

Because of this corrupt world cup I'm not sure they can stop it. 

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2 hours ago, Asio otus said:

The end of this pandemic will only come about when rich countries recognise its a global pandemic and ensure vaccines are equally distributed across the globe. We would be in a far stronger position if this had happened at the outset, rather than vaccine nationalism.

it wouldn`t matter if we had 20 billion doses spread around the world , if certain communities refuse it unless you pin them down they wont have it, some can be educated and change there mind and have the jabs . in s africa its around 24% double jabbed and far fewer with 3 . in the uk as far as i know every person over 50 and the others with health issues have either had booster or been offered it which is the group what are at risk .  in sheffield bradford leicester etc we have a lower uptake than the national average ,draw your own conclusions to that. 

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Just now, @owlstalk said:




What do you mean exactly?

if you go on nhs site it shows the % of each city area who have had either 1-2 or boosters . we were at least 10% below the national average because im guessing there is still a lack of trust in some communities getting any kind of jab . my argument is regards a general worldwide vaccination it just wont ever happen as in certain counties in africa and asia there is a distrust in vaccinations ,this isnt a new thing its been going on since well before you and me were born.  

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1 hour ago, @owlstalk said:




What do you mean exactly?

There's a lot of sceptism in the Eastern European countries and Middle Eastern ones too around the jab. Religion plays a bit part in all this too.


There is also a lot of sceptism in the skinhead, Mr. I hate foreigners cos I'm a true Brit community too.


In both cases they are just dipsticks.

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52 minutes ago, Pughies Jockstrap said:

Thats not the meal deal the club are offering for fans to turn up early. Knowing our Chairman it wouldn't bloody surprise me.



Come on - it's a meal deal and a right bargain 




£49.99 to borrow the plastic cutlery to eat it with

£129.99 for the pro version 




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Owlstalk Shop




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On 13/12/2021 at 22:59, The coach said:

Even if they aren’t ‘stopped’....creating all this hassle just to get in a football ground is bad news..there’l be quite a few who just think f it...il stay at home

Exactly, clubs don't need more friction, for some it could mean the end. 

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