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Lewis Wing

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1 minute ago, Shetland Owl said:

Lets hope he continues  to improve another 2 games to prove himself

As you'll have noticed from my response to your 'team v Crewe' thread, I was really worried about him playing - imo he's been v. poor this season, especially when faced with physical opponents. (He was terrible v Hartlepool!)


But credit where it's due, had a decent game today. Still needs to up his work rate and toughen up some to get anywhere a regular starting place for me.

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59 minutes ago, @owlstalk said:


He's by no means crap

He's just not got firing on all cylinders yet 

Huge difference


Hopefully he kicks on now

Sorry - but after a superb debut yonks ago,  he has been poor. It’s not a kindergarten - he’s paid more than you and me and he needs to get his confidence back quick and kick on from here and help us get up promoted. 
it’s dead easy to be a cult here at Hillsborough- you just need to try you rocks off and have a bit of skill. Get some passion about the place!

Attack!,! We’ve had negative footy for too long so we are desperate for attacking attractive football. Wing COULD be excellent….Needs to deliver now tho’

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