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Crewe Alexandra v Sheffield Wednesday OFFICIAL MATCH DAY THREAD

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1 minute ago, sherlyegg said:

Only 5 teams in all 4 leagues have lost less games than us.

Draws might come in handy at the end...nothing in it init.

5pts behind 2nd and not half way yet.

And we will get better..loads to be optimistic about....i think 🙄


I agree mate...Lose the timidity, lose wing and berahino...crack on

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I think Crewe had lost the game as soon as the Pen was saved. They look very poor. Worst team I’ve seen us play so far. Very weak. They gave it a bit of a go late on when we were complacent but I think they will be in L2 next season. We were clinical today and just seemed to blow them away. Bannan was having a lovely time today that’s for sure! Think we deserved a third goal based on our play but I’m not disappointed by a nice and easy away win. 

Given our defensive injuries and Luongo being suspended I’m delighted actually! 

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10 minutes ago, theowlsman said:

Well done Wednesday on the whole. Just a bit disappointed we took our foot off the pedal a bit late on. A couple more goals and we'd be in the top six on goal difference.


Battled well though and our play off the ball is much improved.

Get 6 pints sorry 6 points from the next 2 home and 2022 starts to look a whole lot brighter.

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