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Xpert Eleven - Owlstalk League, pin 161283

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Calling all budding football managers. OwlsTalk has a dedicated League (containing a few divisions) of the Xpert Eleven game. The OwlsTalk Xpert Eleven League is currently healthy but we’ve had one manager exit which has put us a little out of kilter in terms of equal numbers across our four divisions, so we’re looking for one or more managers to set us back into equilibrium. 


Xpert Eleven is easy to play. You can dedicate hours a day or just a few minutes a week to it - it’s up to you. I definitely find it a good distraction. 

Why not give it a go? Go to xperteleven.com and enter the pin in this thread’s title to join the OwlsTalk League. 

Come on! Give it a go!






Manager of Pants FC


(Hi Mods - is there any chance to pin this topic for a few days please?)

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