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Speakers for record player.

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Looking for recommendations.


Bought a floating record player, from Chicago, decent reviews by people that know more than me. It has built in speakers that are ok for built-in, but need a pair of externals. Preferably active speakers.


No set budget for the right product, but maybe around the 250 mark unless there is a good case for going more. @paulior anyone else, any ideas?

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Can you get Magnat speakers in the UK? It's a German brand, couldn't find them on amazon.co.uk


Their Monitor Active 2000 sells for 200 € or so for a pair over here and it's got a phono pre-amp built in. Bluetooth as well.




I like Magnat, had 2 or 3 pairs in the past. Still have a pair of  their towers in my home office setup, although they have been tinkered with quite a bit - replaced drivers, rebuilt the crossovers, rewired internally...


OK, the cabinets still have the logo on them 😄

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