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Speakers for record player.

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Looking for recommendations.


Bought a floating record player, from Chicago, decent reviews by people that know more than me. It has built in speakers that are ok for built-in, but need a pair of externals. Preferably active speakers.


No set budget for the right product, but maybe around the 250 mark unless there is a good case for going more. @paulior anyone else, any ideas?

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There's not much around in hifi land for that budget.


These are good but might be a bit expensive for you



You might be able to pick some up second hand. Lots of hifi fans are always selling gear.


Another option is to go the budget studio monitor route.


Two of these for £300



Or two of these, JBL are great.


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Dan, those Klipsch R41 PM are lovely, especially if your living space isn't able to accommodate big towers.


I love my Klipsch RF7 but I really really want a pair of La Scala. Monica says no. You will have to buy them for me.



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