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Not a quiz but I am puzzled.

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1 hour ago, Concrete Owl said:

Can someone tell me why I keep having to sign on to Owlstalk (even though I don’t sign off) on my mobile phone. Then get an email warning me of a new device signing on to Owlstalk. 
It’s doing my head in. 

Yer being watched mate...Happens regular

See..Neil an' the mods seem quite nice wiv the "online " personas sorta thingy, but they are actually aligned with the Russian mafia..(See "Gimble walks" in  Moscow)

I mentioned it once and I now get followed by black cars most of the time...Luckily I use the ridiculous amount of Cycle lanes in the city to lose me tail..But its a threat...you are now seemingly on the radar.

Buy a bike, move house...change yer username....



Happy to help

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