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Man of the match & Ratings -Pompey (A)

Man of the match   

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  1. 1. Man of the match

    • Peacock-Farrell
    • Paterson
    • Johnson
    • Palmer
    • Luongo
    • Bannan
    • Hunt
    • Dele-Bashiru
    • Kamberi
    • Gregory
    • Shodipo
    • Berahino
    • Wing

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BPF outstanding tonight, but brave performances all round and there was real grit and determination in abundance.


A hard earned point in tricky conditions and especially when down to 10 men.


Special mentions too, for Palmer, Johnson and Paterson, who showed his experience after being yellow carded after just 4 minutes.


Another makeshift defence but a fantastic clean sheet!


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Bpf 8.5 mom..this cements his return to full confidence. 4great saves. coming and catching the ball takes so much pressure off. happy for him .


Palmer CB 8 stepped up,mucked in and contributed to a clean sheet. ..


Paterson rcb 7.5 tried hard and did his job.


Johnson lcb 7 odd lapses but made some good runs .


hunt rwb 8 in good form .caused problems for them .got some decent crosses in..


shodipo lwb 6.5 looks a bit weak in a high intensity game like this ..got out muscled a few times . did get a few crosses in . 


loungo 6 pompy didn't give us time on ball ,and our midfield struggled . was a sending off .


bannan 6.5 under par ..no time on ball ,hassled and harried ..


Dele bash 7.5..another solid display ..adds legs and the odd deadly run with fast simple passes .


kamberi 6.5..sounds like a budget  own brand cheese .

played like a not quite strong enough chedder. some heavy touches but as always working for the team.


Gregory 6.5 the Sharpe shooter didn't get his goal .some nice corner stealing ,and general veteran moves.


wing 6.5 came and ran around slot, which is all we can ask .

berahino 6.5 still awaiting for something to click . didn't have long .





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BPF   -   8    -    Nearly made a horlicks of a high ball early on , and could have cost us when he came dashing out (thank god Hirst decided to dive) , but....................more than made up for these errors with some excellebt saves in difficult conditions


Palmer  -  6   -   Lost his man a few times and could have done better in a couple of attacking situations , but defended pretty stoutly

Paterson  -  7.5   -  Not his favoured position but TBF I thought he had a more than decent game.

Johnson    -    6    -    All things considered he didnt do too bad.    


Hunt    -    7    -    Sometimes lacks quality but a forceful performance full of drive

Bannan    -    7    -    Not his best but pretty decent

Dele- Bashiru    -   5    -   Couple of promising flashes 1st half.....completely disappeared 2nd half

Luongo    -    6    -    Was having a good game then 2 stupid decisions in the space of a few seconds could have cost us dearly.

Shodipo    -    5    -    I have seen him play worse but in all honesty he didn`t offer much and I.m really struggling to see how he gets in ahead of Theo


Gregory    -    5   -     Worked very hard but nothing really stuck

Kamberi    -    3    -    May as well have been on the couch with me


Wing    -    2    -     to say this lad has been a disappointment is putting it mildly...........on for 20 mins when we had 10 men and didn`t make a single tackle and his sole contribution with the ball was to put a corner straight out of play




Who knows WTF is happening with all the absentees ( Mendez Laing the latest in the vortex) , but I`ll take a point and we DID battle..........but boy we are a difficult watch , we never seem to sustain any possession or pressure , how many moves of 4 passes or more do we construct during a game ?

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Peacock-Farrell: 9 - Four big saves and an amazing catch at the end. A couple of shaky moment too (that high ball at the start), but considering the conditions an excellent performance.

Paterson: 8 - Was worried when he got the early booking, but very solid after that, the recovery sprint near the end after the corner was fantastic.

Palmer: 7 - Thought he was shaky first half, but some excellent blocks as the game wore on. Would rather not see him at central CB again though!

Johnson: 7 - Got turned too easily by Hirst a couple of times, but calm on the ball and did well in the end.

Hunt: 7.5 - Good battling performance

Shodipo: 7 - Good running battle with Romeo, did well and almost scored with that cross that Kamberi blocked.

Luongo: 6.5 - He was on for an 8, but have to penalise him for the red card that let the rest of the team down. But before that had made a few vital interceptions. Nearly gave away a silly penalty in the first half too though.

Bannan: 7 - Some dangerous crosses, but also a couple of slack defensive moments.

Dele-Bashiru: 7 - One great run and shot, not sure he shone other than that but worked hard.

Kamberi: 6 - Didn't really get in the game or hold the ball up well today.

Gregory: 6.5 - Possibly could have had a penalty. A decent shift, but was a little starved of the ball.


Wing: 6 - Didn't notice him much. Hit a corner straight out of play.

Berahino: N/A - only on for the last few minutes


Hopefully we'll come to regard that as a good point by the end of the season. Held on in difficult conditions and with 10 men. Showing a lot more character than last season and good to finally get a clean sheet, especially with a makeshift backline. Lost a bit of ground today, but win at Crewe and this result will start to look better.

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4 minutes ago, Mike Hunt said:

BPF clearly 

But Patterson had a cracking game closely followed by Liam 

Rest were very good 

One of Pattos finest moments was winning a free kick from let’s say ‘minimal’ contact late on, and killing another valuable half a minute. That’s how you manage a game with 10 men!

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 Peacock-Farrell 8

Paterson      7

 Palmer     7

 Johnson 7

Hunt    7

Luongo   4

 Bannan  6

Bashers. 6

Shodipo 4

 Kamberi  4 - but no service

 Gregory  5 - but no service 


Difficult to understand why Theo left out. Shodipo put one decent ball in all game. 

Decent ref. Got everything right for me. 

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Peacock-Farrell              9


Hunt                                  7

Paterson                           8



Johnson                            6

Luongo                               7

Bannan                               7  

Dele-Bashiru                      6

Shodipo                              6


Kamberi                              6

Gregory                               6.7 

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