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So Then, The Keepers

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Made some great saves but if George Hirst had not dived he would have been at fault there for a goal and in the first half he fumbled that ball in the air inexplicably.


So even in a MOM performance he narrowly avoided two absolute howlers.


When good keepers get MOM they don't have those near misses.

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7 minutes ago, matthefish2002 said:

BPF had a good game last night and obviously should keep his place,

But still feel he has a mistake in him.


If he didn't have a mistake in him, he'd be first choice for Burnley in the Premier League.

We're league 1, no player in the league is the perfect article.

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BPF is on Burnley’s books because he’s a good keeper. He’s here with us because he is still has plenty of mistakes in him. Last nights the mistakes didn’t cost us and the good saves earned us the point. I think he’s better than Wildsmith and will continue to get better. I don’t think Wildsmith is all that bad but he has more mistakes in him than BPF. 
The problem is as BPF gets better the likely hood in that he will leave. Then we are back to Wildsmith and Dawson. Hopefully Dawson improves from his loan spell, but I still think the keeper slot is a long term problem. 

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BPF is the best and he was at his best last night.


However he does have a howler on him and this was has been the case at previous clubs and for NI as well.


I know all keepers make mistakes and he has time to work on that issue.


Lets not forget he knows how to save a penalty as well!



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Owlstalk goes overboard based on 1 performance….big shock


A howler in a game and we should send him back…….a good performance like last night and he should be replacing Pope, not only for Burnley but England as well

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